Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Life After Birthright

If you're a Birthright alumni like myself, then I know you are eager to return to Israel. There are many programs dedicated to fulfill that wish. I, Camille Phillips, am lucky enough to participate in Onward Israel, an internship program, this summer! I learned about Onward Israel at the "Get Back to Israel Night" at Boston University's Hillel. That night, students were treated to Middle Eastern food as they learned about the different programs that offered work, volunteering opportunities, or classes in Israel. I have to admit, the falafel and hummus definitely enticed me to walk through the doors of Hillel that night. All jokes aside, when I learned about Onward Israel I knew it was the program for me.
 As an incoming Senior at Boston University, summer 2014 is a crucial time to boost my resume before entering the job market. Onward Israel facilitates invaluable internship opportunities as well as affording a meaningful cultural experience. This summer, I will be interning at an international public relations firm called Finn Partners. On top of working at an acclaimed PR firm, I will be fulfilling my desire to return to Israel. After Birthright two summers ago, I enthusiastically promised the Israeli soldiers on my trip that I'd be back. If you've been on Birthright, I'm sure it has changed your life as well. For me, it strengthened my Jewish identity,  allowed me to form amazing friendships, and created my love and appreciation for the country. Birthright takes Jewish young adults on a ten day free trip to Israel-a trip of a lifetime. 
I am ecstatic to have more time in Israel this summer to travel the county, learn more about the Israeli culture, and gain expertise from professionals in the PR field. At the start of June, I will be living in Jerusalem for two months with other students in the program. I remember the special energy of Jerusalem on Shabbat during Birthright, and I'm grateful to call that beautiful city my home this summer. Through my blog posts and photos, I will document my program's excursions, my internship insights, and my many travel adventures. Please follow my blog and take this journey with me to the land of milk and honey! 

Shalom for now!

-Camille Pilar Phillips

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